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Lisa Jansen, Designer

I collaborate with ad agencies, design firms, in-house corporate art departments, startups, and small businesses to develop outside-of-the-box designs and engineer brands that work across print & digital medias.

Here's why I stand out: I love what I do. There is nothing more fun for me than an opportunity to work with a client and where I can blend my strategic, creative and technical know-how to create beautiful digital experience for their brand.

Many times a small business will skip the design process entirely because they feel can't afford it. By doing this they miss out on creating connections with clients that generate referrals or in basic terms ongoing income. I am here to tell you with time and sweat equity an amazing brand experience is possible on any budget.

Driven with innovative ideas, I am a leading designer and developer with over 15 years of experience. From custom logo design to website design, website development to animated video; I work to develop unique brand images with longevity. Branding or rebranding, I foster innovation and quality.

Based in Portland, Oregon, I have a fast-growing full service digital creative studio. I can brand, plan, design and build your campaigns and websites. As well as help you take them to market.

My fresh approach allows me to win new clients, while fostering ongoing relationships the ones I already have.