Jul 10, 2015What Do Your Mobile Users Expect?Posted In: mobile experience

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The mobile design industry has been changing rapidly and unexpectedly, adapting to the needs and requirements of a demanding market.

Today's mobile developers and designers face a number of constraints in order to fulfill the demands of mobile users. Since mobile users and mobile usage has evolved and expanded immensely in the last few years, the spotlight in such a demanding market is on, what do mobile users want and expect? And also how can designers and developers better create a rich mobile experience for users on smaller screens?

Mobile users want more than basic functionality by providing them a complete experience, while at the same time users want fast performance. So it's a major challenge that mobile users demand you to provide in order to create a rich mobile experience.

Nowadays, it has become highly imperative to focus on user experience for mobile apps. Since the importance of creating a rich mobile user experience in order to achieve better services has grown in prominence over the past few years.

Basically, users need to find what they really want and expect, when they really want it, with little difficulty and also of high quality.

Understand the user and that creating the best mobile experience requires thought and planning. Just by building your website and expecting it to work on a mobile platform is not enough and it will most likely not work. In order to really meet the needs and demands of today's users, mobile website design should be an essential part of your web design strategy. From outlining website content to making color and design decisions, mobile should be integrated every step of the way.

Creating a good User Interface always involves identifying your target users and making sure that your application meets their needs and requirements by taking the user and context into consideration. Since on small mobile devices, meeting users needs and demand starts in the early stages.

You must focus your application to the users actual needs by paying attention to the user environment, users skills, and the task to be carried out using the application.


Make sure you understand your users goals, preferences, and knowledge level before designing your application in order to provide a complete and rich mobile user experience.

Understanding what users want from your mobile website is a key part of the planning process. Along with other factors like branding, speed, performance, look and design.

Therefore, know your user and focus on these 3 important factors in your interface design. Firstly, your overall mobile experience should mirror your main site. Secondly, users want peak performance so make it fast, since mobile users tend to be very impatient. And lastly, as you want it to look good, use the same great design techniques and principles for mobile as you would for any other site; by defining a color and font palette, while also using great images and showing users where to go and how to use your website.

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