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Apr 27, 2015Need a New Website or Logo?Posted In: Brand Identity

There’s no denying that appearance matters. Everything about a company’s logo or website is chosen for a specific impact; promotional materials are discussed and planned for months.

Apr 27, 2015How to Design the Perfect LogoPosted In: Brand Identity

The Cup of Hope Project

Close your eyes and imagine Apple’s logo. Now think of Nike’s. How about Target’s? We’re willing to bet that you conjured up images for each in your mind’s eye in less than a second or so. They’re that memorable.

Apr 26, 201510 Questions to Ask When Designing Your Company's Logo Posted In: Brand Identity

Apr 26, 2015Brands & LogosPosted In: Brand Identity

Next we will identify the relationship that brands and logos have between each other because it is very important.
FIRST Your brand is the story of your company and all everything it represents.
SECOND Your logo is the image that identifies your company.

Apr 26, 2015What is a Logo?Posted In: Brand Identity

Heidi Cody

Getting noticed as a new business today is tough. Trying to establish a strong, consistent and memorable brand is key for success. Besides your product, one of the first places you should start when developing your brand is with the design of a logo.

Mar 08, 2014Avoiding Logo DisastersPosted In: Brand Identity

Pepsi Logo over the years

A logo is used to create a business' brand identity. It is a visual representation of all that your business believes in. To be honest, it is what goes out to represent your company everywhere and relay a very strong, positive and meaningful message about the products and services that you offer.