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Working with Lisa was truly a pleasure I will never forget. Considering the environment we worked in, night shift with an extremely high volume newspaper ad production, with a high pressure deadline of early next morning, it was nice to come in to work each evening and see a smiling face and experience a very cooperative, positive, and "take charge" attitude. This was Lisa in a nut shell. She is hard working, dedicated and very talented in her craft. A combination hard to find. I highly recommend Lisa for anyone looking for a creative professional who is easy to work with and who is always up for a challenge. Lisa Jansen will not disappoint. — Jerry McClellan

Lisa J. is definitely a proactive person. Ability to meet deadlines and deal with complex solutions. A great person to work with.— Thomas Heads

Lisa and I worked together for about a year and she was a great person to work with. She was always willing to stay and help out at the end of the night or in our case, early in the morning to get the job done. She has a positive outlook and I really enjoyed working with Lisa. — Quang Bui

Lisa's leadership skills were second to none. In such a high-pressure, high-stress environment, she exercised patience, understanding and went well above and beyond the call of duty to make things happen. She is a true catalyst. — Adrian J. (AJ) Loeb

Lisa is creative, hardworking, detail oriented and reliable. She's a team player but also has the skill and talent to handle "it" on her own, when she needs to. When she's on the job you know it will be a success, and there's nothing left to worry about.— Dave Zunkel

I had the great fortune of working with Lisa at Serverlogic during my time as a project lead for the Library Webconnect product. Lisa was a life saver. Lisa not only helped me complete previously distressed and understaffed projects, but she did so with a smile in the face of adversity. Lisa's amazing work ethic and drive to tackle a challenge are second to none.

In the time since I moved on from Serverlogic, I have seen Lisa progress into a seriously knowledgeable front end developer and designer. Lisa has skills most agencies don't even know are the future of the industry. She's ahead of the curve, and so far so that you probably run the risk of not seeing her innovation.

You'd be wise to not just hire Lisa, but to then sit down with her and pick her brain. People like Lisa are the future of Web Design and front end development.

— Jesse Nicola

Lisa has always stood out to me as an extraordinarily hard-working person with a can-do attitude. When my team at ServerLogic hired her to become our web designer back in 2011, she had a solid background in print design and some limited training and experience in web design, but she showed an enormous amount of promise. Lisa came to us with decades of experience creating beautiful and effective illustrations, logos, and other design elements. She knew how to pick the right combination of color, typography, and layout to create a composition that communicates the identity and message that the client wants to convey.

During the time I worked with her, Lisa built on the foundation of her illustration and print design skills to significantly advance her craft in web design. With every project she did at ServerLogic, she further developed her expertise in the principles of web design, and how those principles differ from the principles of print design. Two and a half years later, she is now an expert at combining her native talents in creativity, art, and aesthetics with an analytical ability to think about the design of web pages. She thinks from a responsive design perspective, considering right from the beginning how a design adapts to different screen sizes and different kinds of devices (smartphones, tablets, and full-size computers). She also understand information architecture, or how to organize all of the pages and content into a cohesive whole.

Although she is often shy about taking credit for her coding skill, Lisa has also become a talented front end web developer in her own right. She eagerly sought out coding skills, telling her coworkers she didn't want them to simply do the coding for her, but to give her the opportunity to learn. As a result of her dedication to learning, she advanced from knowing simple HTML and CSS to becoming a full-fledged front end developer with solid skills in HTML5, Compass and Sass, responsive development, creation of original font icons, jQuery, basic PHP, Git, and basic Linux commands. I think it rare that someone whose primary background is design is also comfortable committing code changes by running Git commands on the Linux command line. That is just one example of how adaptable and eager to learn Lisa has been.

Working with Lisa is one of the aspects of working at ServerLogic that I miss most. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her, either as a coworker or a client, is a lucky person indeed.

— Dan Muzyka