Apr 22, 2015Learn Version Control with Git

Working as a team between programmers is critical for websites, particularly the larger a company is. But even if you're just a 1-man show, using version control can be an incredible life saver. Plenty of options are available, but with this you can quickly become a master of Git. Perfect for beginners, no deep technical background is necessary, as 24 step-by-step high-quality videos walk you through every aspect of version control.


• Became a total master of version control with Git through this highly resourceful and info-packed online course.
• Perfect for beginners, this fabulous course does not require any sort of deep technical background.
• Through 24 high-quality videos, you'll get a step-by-step guide to moving from novice to master.
• Anyone just starting out with programming, Web design or project management can learn valuable lessons from this course.
• Each video within this course concentrates on one single topic, rather than overwhelming you with loads of new information all at once.
• At roughly 5 minutes per video, each course is perfect for you to learn a new topic every single day.
• Additionally, purchase the eBook, a mobile-ready 150-page resource full of hands-on material.