Apr 26, 2015Brands & LogosPosted In: Brand Identity

Next we will identify the relationship that brands and logos have between each other because it is very important.
FIRST Your brand is the story of your company and all everything it represents.
SECOND Your logo is the image that identifies your company.

Your logo is the face of your company and your brand is the personality.

But before you create a logo, you should first identify what your brand message is. This way that your logo has something to stand behind. It’s the consistency of this idea that makes up the company and what it stands for, what it believes in and why it exists. As you will read later on what to consider when designing your logo, a logo says more about a business than you think and designing a logo should be based on your brand message.

Companies are identified and recognized by their logo. It’s typically the first thing people connect with your business, in fact in some cases it is the first thing people think of before knowing your business; therefore you must be careful when choosing a logo.

We are in an age where everyone must have a mobile website to support their company, product, and/or service, therefore making the demand for top-class logos is in high demand. To the general public, logos serve as an instant reminder of a business or product and to a company they’re the point of recognition on which their branding depends on.

WARNING: small businesses often crank out their logos, not paying attention to the logo’s proper size, the positioning and crowding their logos with materials (including clipart) that hurt the logo visually.

Avoid re-creating different types of logos or having similar, but not identical versions of logos on your print or online sources. The last thing you want it your brand to remind clients of a competitor. Your logo is a part of your brand, the story and face to your company; keep it simple and classy.

of the top 100 brands of the world, 95% use only one or two colors in their logos.— DESIGN BUDDY

A logo represents a company everywhere it goes, so get it on everything! Slap that on all sorts of promotional items and online media. Put your logo on every piece of business correspondence. Feature it on business cards. Make sure it appears in every advertisement. There are thousands of ways to use logos, and their power grows with repetition. A company can go from being just another face in the crowd to being the recognized leader in its field by creating strong brand recognition.